Do You Have the Right Perspective on Enterprise Mobility?

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The Global Enterprise Mobility market has an estimated value of US$51 billion by 2020. Europe is believed to be the largest market for smart Mobile Apps for business, but;

What exactly is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility or EM is quite simple to define. Drop the immense power and data deployment capability of back-end systems onto mobile devices, done! At last all organisations have grasped the inevitable future. All business will be done by mobile device, not just purchase/merchant type transactions, everything!

The EM revolution depends fundamentally on being able to build cost effective, robust applications ‘on demand’ to very short timescales. This dictates that EM App development has to fantastically flexible, produce great user experiences and deliver 100% functionality.

This new and exciting market is being driven by a desire for ‘real’ agility, globalisation of businesses and workforce decentralisation. There is a growing requirement for organisations to create step-change in operational efficiency whilst improving productivity.

Organisations are also finding new ways, through Enterprise Mobility, to reduce in-house infrastructure costs. The adoption of Enterprise Mobility delivers significant benefits such as anytime & anywhere access to back-end systems such as ERP, CRM, and the off/online presentation of ERP data to off site employees.

Motivators and Trends

  • The low cost availability of mobile devices & development of robust applications
  • Managed Mobility Services continued growth and adoption
  • Mass adoption of mobile devices creating demand for Enterprise Mobility
  • BYOD trend driving demand for business applications
  • Corporations signing off on means to deploy ERP power
  • Increasing demand for Enterprise Mobility in specific sectors, such as Aerospace, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Logistics

The Main Challenges for IT Professionals and EM Strategists

  • How to develop and manage old and new applications, whilst delivering an attractive, simple and secure user experience
  • How to push ahead with Enterprise Mobility without well-trodden paths or early adopters to follow
  • How to integrate with powerful but complex ERP systems without creating costly to maintain custom technology
  • Meeting the demands of the business quickly and simply within complex IT structures
  • Maximising the ROI to prevent EM from becoming a costly window dressing exercise

And your perspective?

  • Not the right time for us…
  • We are waiting for someone else to break ground…
  • We don’t think its right for us…
  • We are going to build our own from scratch…

Will you miss the opportunity to be first to market with attractive EM Apps that get ahead of the competition, deliver cost savings and define new revenue streams?

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