Mass Data Uploads to SAP®…in Three Easy Steps

Matt Thompsett Standard

Upload from Excel or Access, multiple files using multiple transactions

Much of the data being uploaded into SAP® already exists in a digital format such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Access databases. Moving data out of these spreadsheets and databases requires either manual data entry or ABAP development resources.

BackOffice Associates has an easier solution. For a fraction of the cost of a regular inflexible custom-built ABAP upload program, Quadrate® Data Workbench can be used to upload Excel files and Access files directly into SAP without any ABAP programming or technical expertise. Utilising the Microsoft Office suite as the data management platform, users can manipulate and prepare data for upload without any additional training or software.

Quadrate® Data Workbench, is a desktop application that is installed directly onto the users’ workstation without any need for changes/installations to the SAP® systems. The installation process is quick and simple, and the user-friendly interface can be mastered in a couple of hours. Most customers are creating their own templates and uploading data the very same day that Quadrate® Data Workbench is installed.

Quadrate® Data Workbench can be used for a variety of applications within the different SAP modules. Common uses are Mass Uploads of SAP data, Mass Maintenance of SAP data, SAP data migration and the automation of SAP data entry.

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Key Features

  • Simple to install and use
  • Preserves all existing SAP security
  • Check-for-error in process
  • Step through process for error isolation
  • Works on a wide range of standard and custom transactions

Quadrate® Data Workbench from BackOffice Associates sold and supported in the UK and Ireland by Green Lemon Company Limited. A simple but powerful solution to data upload.