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The SAP® community is on the move.  By the end of 2018 roughly two-thirds of SAP® users will have moved to HANA despite the resource and technology challenges.  One in ten SAP® users are already on HANA.  Most still need to make significant headway in customising their existing SAP® landscapes in preparation for enhancements packs and newer platforms.

As an external service provider it appears to us at Green Lemon Company that the big challenges are optimisation and data management.  Optimisation remains a headache for the majority of SAP users, both from a resources and technological perspective regardless of the potential of newer platforms such as HANA.

Migrating and managing growing data volumes is an easily definable area of difficulty. Across the ERP landscape organisations’ have a common challenge.

ERP data volumes have increased by nearly 50% in the last three years. With the steadily increasing use of smart devices, sensors and mobile apps it is clear that data volumes will continue to rise exponentially for the foreseeable future.  Every organisation has to get ahead of this issue if any significant degree of optimisation is to be achieved.  Maybe we are even talking survival!

We predict that unless organisations manage the ‘Bigger Data’ challenge with robust Data Strategies, embedded at C-Level, they will not be able to maintain system effectiveness.

It’s not just the volume of data that presents a challenge.  Most, if not all, SAP® users will admit that they face obstacles regarding data accuracy and governance.

Achieving excellent [or even passable] data quality has been a work in progress since the first data set was created.  As data is now the DNA of the organisation this particular headache warrants even more significance.

We encounter this issue daily.  It seems that everyone we speak to has Data Quality on their agenda.  The solutions are out there but it takes an open mind to embrace them…

You can’t put your head in the sand and hope that it goes away…  Matt Thompsett, CEO Green Lemon Company

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