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Matt Thompsett Press Release, Quote

Press Release 6.7.2015  – Green Lemon Company has dived into the raging torrent of the Internet of Things this year. Without question there is a global coalescence of technology at the core of which is the user experience. Each innovation is no longer a stand-alone silver bullet, it seems that everything is another component of the IoT.

Beacon Technology has now come of age and is finding its place in the IoT. Beacon playgrounds, the environments in which we work and play, will be an everyday part of life. iBeacons are being ‘pushed’ hard in the retail space as its an easy win for the suppliers and makes sense for this embryonic technology.

However, the real win is in the commercial space. For example imagine an engineer working in a complex plant environment who doesn’t need a scanner or to scrabble about trying to find bar codes and component IDs. Every bit of equipment has its own beacon that identifies itself on a mobile device, all the engineer needs to do is tap the ID on the mobile device to surface all the maintenance records, exploded diagrams, service history etc straight from the back-end system.

The commercial applications are endless, Banking, Retail, Medical, Engineering, Logistics, Airlines, Shipping, etc etc etc. We have the powerful enosiX framework to build applications off of ERP systems, what we needed was a Beacon partner to build the Beacon environments with us.

This is where BlueSense comes in, we wanted a partner that could be flexible in approach but with a robust and proven Beacon solution. BlueSense is quite simply best-of-breed. The company has a wide range of Beacon assets plus a fabulous set of developer and management software tools, for us there could not be a better match.

We welcome BlueSense as our Beacon partner and look forward to a long and profitable relationship… Matt Thompsett, CEO