UKI SUG 2015

greenlemon Press Release

The 2014 Conference celebrated the Formula For Success; a Formula which saw User Group, SAP® Partners and Customers come together and form a solid structure on which to build for the future.

Come join the Green Lemon Team and learn about our approach to:

  • Connector.


    the ability of an organisation to shed the shackles and constraints of its legacy 'IT mass' by embracing modern, decoupled, harmonisation solutions. This demands throwing out what you know…

  • Connector.


    the ability of an IT environment to focus its capabilities on delivering positive and ongoing business improvement. This demands the business communicates clear deliverables to IT...

  • Connector.


    the ease with which use can embrace and use IT to do their jobs and enjoy their work without any knowledge of the systems that deliver what they need. This demands that Users drive IT strategy...

We are passionate about enbaling users and the Business achieve the expected level of service from IT. We love to talk about Agile in the Enterprise, true SAP Mobility Solutions, smart future proofed integration and user centric design. So look forward to seeing you all on stand P15.

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