Enabling your SAP® Users through the right technology

Jon Idle Product Statements

In a world where standing still is going backwards it is vital for businesses to be able to adapt quickly to a changing and challenging marketplace. SAP customers are no exception. Businesses that run SAP need to be able to react at a pace whilst still utilising the core data and benefits of SAP.

Green Lemon Company believe that in order to achieve the expected level of service from IT and to stay ahead of the competition, companies need to focus on 3 primary objectives:




We deploy a sophisticated approach to enable organisations by driving value from a distinct tool set that brings Agile development to the classic SAP environment.

Firstly, we need to have a way to act transactionaly with SAP data that requires minimum integration effort. We achieve this through a product called the enosiX Framework, which provides the backbone for developing applications on top of the core SAP system. This can be used for all types of projects from mobility through to SharePoint integration or master data upload to a 3rd party product. We decouple ourselves from the constraints of SAP and allow the enosiX framework to handle all the complexities through a unique piece of intelligent software we call Smart Business Objects. This revolutionary technology enables us to deliver working software in Agile within the SAP environment and is a monumental first step towards increased velocity.

Secondly, now that we have full transactional access to SAP, we need to keep the momentum so our front end development is started in Visual Studio and Xamarin. The EnosiX framework provides our front-end developers with a humanised API that is easily understood by .NET developers and enables them to quickly start building out functionality.

Using our own highly skilled project team including Programme Management, Architectural specialists and Scrum team, we employ a user-centric design model to work with users.  This improves their journey through day-to-day tasks and discovers what the users would really like to see. Our decoupled approach means we can achieve extremely high levels of user satisfaction and at rapid velocity. Xamarin provides us with the ability to take one core base code and produce like-for-like applications across multiple platforms and browsers, again reducing the overhead of additional development time.

The next main component of our delivery model is the focus on quality; if we are transacting in real time, with real world SAP data, then we need to be sure that our testing is focused in the right area. Testing the front end or GUI provides a certain assurance but really the true business risk lies in SAP manual intervention. GLC deploy the Odin Axe framework with assistance from our friends at Intelligent Testing to provide a robust automated test platform for testing end-to-end scenarios from core SAP all the way up to the GUI. This ‘Proof from Source’ testing means that the correct problem areas are identified quickly, providing in depth detail of where test have failed. This in turn means faster fixes and keeps the whole machine moving.

We never compromise on quality as this directly feeds into user uptake of applications both mobile and desktop. Once we have completed the build process, our approach provides another set of benefits when it comes to maintenance. Firstly as part of the delivery comes a stable automated regression pack for not just the applications, but for SAP transactional areas involved as well. The abstraction that enosiX provides means that the .NET code is safely housed outside of the main SAP application, so when SAP upgrades are carried out, we minimise disruption to the users.

Secondly, when the core SAP system is upgraded or enhancement packs installed, changes are made to the artefacts in SAP. The enosiX Framework is provided as a SaaS package, within that package we manage all changes at this level by modification to the framework and its SBOs. This means that our customers do not have to commit any resource or budget to maintenance and includes customisations made for the customer during the configuration phase; custom code is maintained within the SBO.

We know that security is always a key issue for our customers, and this has been thoroughly covered in our assessment of technology components. Both the Odin Axe and enosiX technologies are SAP Netweaver certified.

Bringing all these elements together, we have stayed true to our philosophy of modernise, optimise, humanise and it is very true to say, quoting one famous philosopher the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


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