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Green Lemon Company Partner with Odin Technology’s Axe for SAP Automated Testing

Green Lemon Company is excited to announce that Odin Technology have signed up as a partner to provide Automated Testing capability using their Axe Platform. Jody Cox, Green Lemon Company CSO, says, “one of the key components of our delivery model is uncompromising quality. Quality directly influences user uptake of applications both mobile and desktop…” He went on to add “one of the key Odin-Axe benefits is it provides a robust automated test platform for testing end-to-end scenarios from core SAP all the way up to the GUI. This ‘Proof from Source’ testing means that the correct problem areas are identified quickly, providing in depth detail of where test have failed. This in turn means faster fixes and accelerated development…”

Odin Axe was chosen due to its flexibility and SAP NetWeaver certification. It gives organisations a packaged automation approach, supporting Traditional, Agile, Dev Ops or Bi-Modal IT practices in a consistent fashion. With a simple table-based test design interface and an innovative code generation approach, it requires minimal technical input to achieve automation rates of 80% or more. This empowers non-technical testers to take responsibility for achieving automation goals.

David Tracey, Managing Director of Odin, says, “We are delighted to partner with Green Lemon as the leader in Mobile application enablement using the enosiX framework technology. This partnership proves the value of market leaders collaborating to deliver world-class value propositions yielding high Return On Investment to our customers. Odin Axe adds a new dimension to the technology Green Lemon Company has brought together to enable unique integration and mobility as the Premier Partner for the enosiX framework in the UK and Ireland. Proof from Source automated testing is an essential tool to accelerated development…”

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