Green Lemon Company Welcomes a World-Class Partner

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Green Lemon Company has fought its way past some pretty stiff competition to find itself in the winner’s enclosure on a number of major Enterprise Mobility projects only to be held up by procurement protocols.  As an SME it is not easy to establish oneself in the same pond as all the majors, however when a customer wants our consultants and technology we have to find a way.

We understand the need for governance, but we believe that the public sector misses out on significant [cost saving] innovation.  Such innovations reside with SMEs as navigating the procurement rapids tends to overwhelm most smaller companies.  UK Central Government spends £7 Billion annually on ICT, at a guess 60% of that is on supporting legacy estate, i.e. £4.2 Billion.  We believe a massive £2.6 Billion of that is spent on integration and is set to increase as the he UK central government is committed to reforming its technology infrastructure to make it smaller, flatter, leaner and more efficient.  This means greater demands for common, shared technology infrastructures and platform services, increased use of Cloud, better PSN connectivity, consolidation of all key back office functions, digital by default services and a commitment to greening government ICT.

To meet these demands, Central Government has to invest not just in maintenance but in integration and harmonisation of its legacy estate.  Our technology is proven capable of cutting integration costs by 40-50% which roughly translate as a dreamy £1 Billion saving in tax payers’ money, enough to resolve the NHS debt crisis!

Green Lemon Company is applying for listing on various procurement frameworks but are also building an enviable network of partners.  Some of our partners are specific technology collaborations like BlueSense, Odin and Intelligent Testing.  Other partners are resellers either selling Green Lemon Company technology directly or in teaming agreements working with our sales team.  Both add enormous value, gravitas and credence to our solutions none more so than the highly successful Softcat.

In the Top Ten of the Sunday Times’ Top Track enterprises, Softcat is a leading provider of IT infrastructure to the corporate and public sectors.  Softcat provides organisations with software licensing, client computing, data centre infrastructure, networking and security combined with all the services they require to design, implement, support and manage these solutions; on premise or in the cloud.

The business has ranked in top two for the Best Workplaces Awards for the last two years, 2014-2015.

Green Lemon Company started discussions with Softcat at the top with their entrepreneurial CEO, Martin Hellawell, who provided the impetus and contacts to allow a rapid path to signing the prestigious Softcat Public Sector Supply Agreement.  The team at Softcat made the process simple and demonstrated true collaboration, a great sign for the future.  The Green Lemon Company and Softcat stakeholders are now moving forward to agree the parameters for a Private Sector Agreement.

For our potential customers, having Softcat onboard means our buyers in the Public Sector can access our technology via various procurement frameworks.  For Green Lemon Company, it means that we can benefit from Softcat’s unquestionable kudos and expertise.  For Softcat, it means having ground-breaking Enterprise Mobility and Integration technology in the portfolio.  Everybody wins…

For us it is fantastic news. The Softcat team were awesome and I want to say a special thank you to Dominic Clark in the Partner Alliance Sales Support team for his professionalism and effort in getting us over the line…Matt Thompsett, CEO, Green Lemon Company

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