Mobility Strategy – Where Are You?

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There is a massive commitment to be made prior to embarking down the Enterprise Mobility roadmap.  Fundamental principals need to drive the strategy, it starts with the realisation that Mobility is about the ‘worker’ not applications.

The IT team know that Enterprise Mobility is a whole lot more than building good looking apps for selected users.  It is too easy to misconstrue because people read mobility and assumes that means cellular devices.  In the context of Enterprise Mobility the m-word means workers being able to perform every element of their work, anywhere on any device [cell phone, tablet, PC, Mac, Smart TV, etc].  Organisations that build half a dozen mobile applications for their Smart Phone users but not as part of a progressive and deliberate business-change strategy are not capitalising on what will be the biggest revolution, in the way we work, in history.

The concept of work and workplace is changing faster than we could possibly have foreseen.  Workers want true mobility to be more effective and to map onto their work-life balancing goals.  This dictates that organisations have to shift from ‘static’ to ‘mobile’ working practices, and they have to do it now.  Work will become truly collaborative, work will involve absolute virtuality, work & technology will be inseparable and work will have to be fun.  These key flavours demand Enterprise Mobility as the framework on which we build our processes and workflow.

An Enterprise Mobility deployment has to facilitate workers anywhere, on any device, with anytime access.  Across the organisation this means embracing technology that encapsulates all the power and depth of [complex and gigantic] back-end systems and dropping it deftly onto workers’ devices.

Enterprise Mobility demands an holistic strategy that synergises every aspect of an organisation’s workflows [internal and external].  Likewise, it must include meaningful focus on what the worker wants [e.g. BYOD, flexible working, native functionality, single sign on, etc].

To make the process easier we offer consulting services to help customers wherever they are on the maturity model, stages 1 through 6.  At the Level 1 we typically help customers to design and launch a robust Mobility strategy owned from C-Suite throughout the organisation.  We provide experts to scope requirements and select complimentary technologies, we work collaborative to find the best, most effective solution to achieve the business goals.

As a business matures its Enterprise Mobility capability we change roles from advisors to integrators; delivering technical packages and automated testing solutions.  Moving into the IoT we provide iBeacon proximity environments, wearable technology.  So with us its a journey not a destination.Matt Thompsett, CEO, Green Lemon Company

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