What’s it like to exhibit at UKISUG15

Jon Idle Press Release

This was the first year for Green Lemon Company at this years’ UKISUG15 in Birmingham, and it was a very pleasant experience. We had a shared stand promoting the enosiX framework along with one of our other key technology partners, Odin Axe.

I think we went a little overboard on advertising, in fact we probably had more than anyone else including branded coffee cups, pillar wraps, huge drop down banners and the passport stamp! The coffee cups were everywhere, and worked really well, as did the passport which drove traffic to our stand in order for delegates to receive their stamp for the chance to win an Apple watch. Indeed, everyone played the game very well, obligingly listening to our pitch before moving on to their next target.

The conference was very well organised, and when we arrived on Sunday, (yes, Sunday!!) there was very little we needed to do. Our stand looked good, and all we had to do was plug in the laptop and fire up our looping presentation. I was even more surprised to see delegates turning up on a Sunday afternoon to see what’s new in the SAP world. In fact my first question was why?? Perhaps there isn’t anything good on TV Sunday nights.

Whilst we met a few delegates and we figured out the lead retrieval devise where you zap a bar code on a name pass, similar to “stun guns” the main thrust for Sunday was exhibitor networking, so we took the chance to meet our neighbours, and see who else were there, and what they were doing. Whilst finding out who was doing what, it was interesting to see what exhibitors were doing to attract attention. Some of the memorable stands had Playstation, Scalectric and even an Android Spectrum bringing back memories from the 80s. Before retiring to our hotel, we enjoyed a fine (and never ending it seemed) Chinese meal to fuel us for the next two days. Thank you Odin!

Monday: early start and at the conference for 8am. There was the opening presentations in the main theatre where there must have been 500 + people. This was SAPs moment to set out their agenda for SAP Digital Transformation via HANA as well as SUGs chance to present their new improved branding.

Late morning we saw some significant traffic come our way before lunch. Now, can I say the catering was superb all round with an array of very tasty starters, mains and desserts.

The afternoon was more of the same, and by the end we had about 40 leads on our devise. Monday evening was the networking event called SUGFEST. This was a mini festival with live bands, chillout, jazz areas, as well as comedy club, circus acts, casino, bars and street food all included. I have to say this was a very well organised and attended event. It was also something of a departure from previous years sit down meal, and as far as I’m concerned, all the better for it.

Tuesday: arrived shortly after 8.30am (later start thank goodness), where you could see the effects of the previous night still in evidence, however, after some “green lemon” branded coffee, the day went very quickly, as it was in parts non stop traffic. Perhaps the key note speeches weren’t to all tastes at this point, however, we weren’t complaining with another 60 leads logged.

Whilst, like everything, there were areas to improve upon (the app didn’t appear to work on some Android devises for example), it was a very good conference / exhibition, and as well as recommend, I would welcome the opportunity to exhibit again in the future. The feedback from other exhibitors was generally the same. Only one stand had a very different view, but they weren’t there half the time and not completely with it the rest!

So well done to UKISUG15. Personally, a start on Wednesday through to Friday would be preferable, plus a few tweaks here and there could, I’m sure make UKISUG16 even better.

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