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ERP System and Application Integration without Middleware

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Does this sound like you? 100s of systems, old and new containing tons of stuff all needing to interact with your ERP / SAP system! Asset records, calibration data, repair status, location, maintenance records, etc. Essentially systems that hold data. This all sits in a framework of connectivity to allow a multitude of inputs and outputs. Sitting in with all this connectivity are of course all the components of communications, security, testing, access, etc.

Currently the route to manage the harmonisation of these components is by using integration systems, so you bolt on Integration Layers, maybe 20-30 and get everything to play nicely.

So we find ourselves where we don’t want to be. Users want smart useable applications to get the stuff they need from the mass and that demand is rocketing. But in this system process, complexity is increasing, support demand is increasing, technical debt is increasing and it is impossible for system capability to keep pace with demand.

So what’s the answer? Often customers reach a point where they can’t sustain functionality and can’t support user demand so the systems gets rebuilt at fantastic cost and effort. We‘ve not even touched on Enterprise Mobility with the demand for real-time data from remote locations interacting directly with back end systems, and mobility, like it or not is inevitable.

The enosiX Framework approach demands that we throw out the integration Middleware layer approach and think differently.  So you have systems full of data that you wish to bring together and view and transact with in one system (SAP for example). The framework replaces Middleware, and brings all your data together to work with in one place. An example being multiple Asset systems for part maintenance globally. Bringing these together allows you to source parts and manage regional stocks far more easily from one system rather than 20+.

EnosiX comprises of two components; the Framework and its Smart Business Objects. The Framework typically sits in its own namespace in SAP or other ERP. It constitutes the communications, security, connection layer that enable the SBOs to do their job. Each Smart Business Objects is a container that encapsulates all the complexity of the system application, transactional, security etc.

If a system exposes data enosiX can consume that data and present it via intelligent connectors for consumption by any platform without any requirement for Middleware. When you need to consume data (be that from Desktop / SharePoint / Mobile), enosiX will reach out to whichever system contains that data and will manage the business logic.

The SBO is the neuron of the system, it knows where to go to find the data required, manages the business logic, respects all security protocols and connects via a couple of lines of .NET code to the application layer. You don’t even need ABAP skills to connect applications to SAP. So, any device, any platform, any system, any transaction. As long as a system exposes data for consumption, the Framework can connect to it.

EnosiX removes the need for rigid, coupled integration. Because of the in-built intelligence of the SBOs you can accommodate the vast majority of upgrades and back end changes without any re-programming. For example, the SAP SBOs accommodate all SAP upgrades invisibly to the user. If part of the back-end landscape changes then the SBO is set to consume the new data source without any need to undertake traditional integration.

Gartner research tells us that 70% of application budgets can be consumed on integration alone to ERP systems (example for SAP). By using the enosiX framework, this cost can be cut by up to 80%. No Middleware required, no SAP skills required. The Framework handles integration for you, meaning more resources can be assigned to user design and experience.

Green Lemon Company draws a distinction between solutions and fixes. Whilst we respect the current Integration platforms available, we’ve seen the light and think there is a better way, and just don’t think they’re necessary. enosiX Framework is exclusive to Green Lemon Company in the UK and Ireland. More information at

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