A Sensible Way to Jumpstart your Bimodal Delivery for SAP

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In the latest wave of buzz terms, Gartner’s Bimodal IT Delivery approach is making head ways. In fact in a report released by Gartner on March 2nd 2016 they stated:

“Almost 40 percent of CIOs are on the bimodal IT journey, with the majority of the remainder planning to follow in the next three years. Bimodal will soon be a fact of life, but a large number of organizations will make a mess of this change, not by moving too fast, but by failing to understand where to apply the two modes. The risks of making a mess with bimodal IT are substantial, particularly if it creates organisational, architectural, technical or process damage or dysfunction within the ERP backbone. This could disrupt business operations, seriously damage business performance and come with a high price for remediation and mitigation…”

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