Green Lemon Company Goes With Hyperglance

Matt Thompsett Press Release

As of this week Green Lemon Company is a partner/reseller for the fabulous Hyperglance platform. Partnering agreements were signed this week after a short period of diligence and negotiation.

We constantly are seeking new, innovative, ‘Mode 2’ enabling software. Hyperglance is such a logical and powerful platform it made sense for us to get involved…Matt Thompsett, CEO Green Lemon Company

Visualise Your Resources

So what is it? Hyperglance is a unique blend of API integration, advanced physics, and gaming graphics methods. The platform automatically maps aggregated data into a dynamically laid out 3D topology visualisation that is very easy to see, understand, and interact with.

Hyperglance enables users of all levels with the ability to easily visualise, analyse, and securely control relevant IT assets from otherwise disparate, or hard to map, platforms, such as public cloud and private cloud.

Hyperglance dynamically maintains a current topology view of all cloud resources’ type, state, links, end-points, and alerts. Detailed attribute and metric data, including security groups, route table details, and other information, is also viewable on demand with the click of a mouse, or touch of a finger, directly from the same topology view.

Attributes can be searched for across all integrated platforms with unified results delivered. The Hyperglance REST API enables DevOps with the ability to augment the topology and attribute views with additional source data needed for a custom visual perspective. What makes Hyperglance unique vs. your typical monitoring system is that, based on the API integration, authorised users not only see exactly where problems are occurring in relation to other resources, they can securely take immediate action, such as start, stop, or terminate an instance, directly from the topology view for more effective and efficient context-aware troubleshooting or optimisation.

  • Browser client – runs on modern browser including mobile (iOS, Android) & Linux clients
  • Automatic 2D vs. 3D topology layout for optimum viewing
    Cross-platform, multiple topologies viewed on same screen
  • Global search across all integrated platforms with unified results
  • Easily visualise resource groups or network segments
  • Real-time VM ‘State’ status indicator
  • Integration support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack
  • Integration support to overlay Nagios alert data
  • Automatic data aggregation and mapping of nodes, end-points, and links
  • Cross-domain or IT layer visualization
  • REST API supports add/delete node/link/endpoint/attribute/alarms

Key Features Hyperglance 4.0

  • Topology navigation
    Traverse & rotate topology 360°

    • Zoom in & zoom out
    • Click on node to see attributes & context-aware actions
  • Distinct resource type iconography & clear labeling
  • Alarms/errors clearly displayed on topology (CloudWatch for AWS, Nagios for OpenStack)
  • Details displayed on demand: attributes, alarms, & metrics (AWS CloudWatch, OpenStack Ceilometer)
  • Context aware actions directly from topology view
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC) views and actions
    • Keys off the Alias entered for account credentials
    • Actions can be on or off for each user irrespective of any access control set
    • Support local files and LDAP

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