Prototyping & Innovation in Transaction Banking

Matt Thompsett Press Release

Press Release – Monday 12th March 2018


A Unique Partnership Using Low Code to Rapidly Prototype Transaction Banking and Liquidity Management Solutions

All players in the sector face similar challenges; automating predominantly excel-based processes, creating frictionless customer journeys and staying ahead of the competition. These challenges are brought together under the heading of Digital Transformation.

As opposed to traditional hand-coded development, low-code technology enables unbelievably rapid deployment of innovative applications that integrate seamlessly with existing systems regardless of complexity. Design to deployment in weeks not months.

Delivering a successful technology solution in a complex, highly regulated, environment can only be achieved by bringing the right expertise to the party. The optimum path is to bring together specialists in low-code with Transaction Banking and Liquidity Management experts.

We are very pleased to announce a partnership that follows that optimum path. Green Lemon Company and Low-Coder Limited are independent specialists that have come together to bring a unique service offering to the sector.

Low-Coder Limited are product consultants with extensive experience in Transaction Banking and Liquidity Management. Low-Coder consultants typically have an impressive 20+ year pedigree in solutioning and new proposition delivery with many of the world’s leading transaction banks.

Green Lemon Company is a Low-Code specialist, a Reseller and Services Partner for the OutSystems Low-Code Platform. OutSystems are acknowledged market leaders in low code software creation. Clients span multiple industries including Financial Services, TMT, Manufacturing and Logistics, Oil and Gas, with a fast-growing presence in every sector.

“We are tremendously excited to be able to offer functional and iterative prototypes faster than it usually takes to create wireframes…”

Ian Blackburn & David Williams, Low-Coder

“With the agreement formalised this week, Low-Coder and Green Lemon Company have created a partnership that will transform the sector’s approach to managing its information, processes and service offerings…”

@Matt Thompsett, Green Lemon Company

Download the latest low-code Gartner Report from the OutSystems website.