My Favourite Recipe…Simply Delicious!!!

Matt Thompsett Product Statements

Serving up beautifully presented applications, full of tasty functionality, to a hungry consumers is the dream of every CIO.

But most are short of time, resources and the right fresh ingredients, hence the habit of dishing up the same old recipes, trying to spice them up with a generous seasoning of UX.

If you think you can’t produce home-made applications, on a tight budget, quickly and satisfy the increasingly selective palate of your users…then think again!


1 x Complex backend (mixed systems of record, third party integrations, etc) whatever is in season – SAP, SQL, JDE, Salesforce etc.

1 x Freshly motivated IT department

1 x Green Lemon Adoption Specialist

1 x Strong product owner

1 x OutSystems license bundle

1 x Bunch of good quality users stories

Good pinch of UX

The Marinade

Carefully and firmly fold together your freshly motivated IT team with the User Stories and Product Owner, add the Green Lemon Adoption Specialist. Leave to marinade, allowing the IT team to soak up those customer journeys. If you are feeling adventurous, sprinkle over some corporate vision and a generous handfull of customer feedback.

The Sauce

Unwrap your OutSystems bundle and mix up all the components. No need to be nervous, it’s built to be robust and handled by anyone. Use the Integration Studio to bring out all those important flavours of data in your backend systems of record and freshen them up. The pre-made ingredients in OutSystems’ Service Studio simple builds on your estate, creating layers of functionality your users will love.

Bringing It All Together

Very quickly you will have created the base for a fabulously rich feast of functionality and process automation with a robust background of generated code. Finish off by bringing the to full temperature, the moment you see bubbling on the surface, stage your freshly made applications onto warm environments for your users to consume on any device. Be warned, they will love it and be back for more…

Scaling Up

Dont worry if you’re catering for a few users or for many. Just scale up your ingredients. OutSystems has been proven to cater for over 20 million active users at 11,228 requests per second. You might want to stir it up with some Green Lemon developers or cross-train some of your existing resources. The important thing is, it’s fast and it’s easy. The tastiest solution to Digital Transformation…