Meet the Green Lemon Company

Building a customer community

Our Aim:

We aim to exceed expectation wherever possible by embracing world class technology, governance and industry best practice. Our mission is to provide innovative user enabling technology solutions that make our customers lives more efficient, engaging and provide a demonstrable return on investment.

Company Directors

Matt Thompsett
Founder & CEO

TOPICS: Corporate Social Responsibility, New Products, Partners & Alliances, Outcomes Improvement, Innovation

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Lloyd Thompsett
Founder & CFO

TOPICS: Governance and Compliance, Financial Oversight, Procurement, Supplier Onboarding, Reporting

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Nick Hines

TOPICS: Technical Robustness, Project Delivery, Technical Capability, Quality and Compliance, Agile

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Jon Idle

TOPICS: Communications, Sales & Marketing, Social Media, Product Positioning, Customer Engagement

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Our Mission;
Put the Power of Technology in the Hands of Users
is Supported by Three Pillars…

Our Economic Goal

To grow a sustainable and profitable business to the benefit of staff, customers and stakeholders…

Our Social Goal

To participate in technology interventions aimed at solving the challenges faced by vulnerable communities…

Our Product Goal

To design, develop and provide world-class technology solutions to meet and exceed the needs of users…

Harmonising: the three pillars place unique demands on resources, finance and management. The forces between them guide our decision making.

We Pledge

“A solemn binding promise to do, give, or refrain from doing something:…” – Wikipedia
“A solemn promise or undertaking…” – Oxford English Dictionary

To Our Customers

to exceed expectations whenever and wherever possible by embracing world-class governance and industry best-practice

To Our Partners

to collaborate with respect and mindfulness of each others goals, requirements and potential to gain mutual benefit

To Our Employees

to develop and nuture a workplace environment that develops, challenges and nourishes every member of our family