Transaction Banking and Liquidity Management Solutions…

Green Lemon Company recognises that all players in the sector face similar challenges;

  • automating predominantly excel-based processes
  • single view of customers
  • accelerating innovation
  • achieving realtime position reports
  • creating frictionless customer journeys
  • staying ahead of the competition

Design to Prototype
In 6 – 8 Weeks

From Spreadsheets
Highly complex (10k+ links)
No visibility of customer behaviour
Inherent risk
To Functioning Prototype
Low code production
Full visibility of customer behaviour
Eliminated spreadsheet risk
To meet these challenges Green Lemon Company has entered a unique and powerful partnership with Low-Coder.

Low-Coder Limited are product consultants with extensive experience in Transaction Banking and Liquidity Management.

Low-Coder consultants typically have an impressive 20+ year pedigree in solutioning and new proposition delivery with many of the world’s leading transaction banks.

“…Complex, critical, process replaced in 8-10 weeks…”

“…Excel ‘maze’ transformed into realtime dashboards…”

Typical engagements move through a 4-step approach from Workshop to Launch – We prototype faster than traditional wireframing!