EnosiX Integration and Development Framework

Direct Integration Framework for SAP®…

Wouldn’t it be great if developing Applications for SAP®, whether mobile, SharePoint, desktop or web was easy.

Many companies have tried to address this with funky, front-end focussed, solutions, none of which tackle the back end integration aspect to SAP. This still requires specialist SAP skills and knowledge, and takes months. Let us introduce you to a new way of thinking, and a superior experience.
We recommend enosiX, the world’s only fully integrated solution for ERP mobility. No cloud, no middleware, no custom code, just ultra-rapid integration.

Build the foundation for your mobility strategy.

Having the enosiX framework in place enables agile custom development of enterprise solutions. The enosiX Framework brings Device Independence, Intelligent Integration for 3rd party solutions, Modernization, and the Freedom of Choice to your SAP ERP system.

Integrate seamlessly to your corporate data.

Having deployed the enosiX Framework, Cross-Transactional and Cross-System integration is simple. For example: easily merge data from Sales, Finance, HR and your Salesforce CRM in one mobile screen!

Vital enosiX Differentiators

No Middleware
enosiX requires no additional hardware or middleware.

SAP Fiori requires SAP Netweaver Gateway, that means additional hardware and licensing, a significant investment for SMBs.

enosiX leverages Native Phone capabilities.

SAP Fiori is an HTML 5 technology (proprietary UI5) that is limited in its capability to leverage common native benefits such as camera’s, scanners and integration of external apps. Conversely, enosiX is cross-platform and utilizes the native capabilities of IOS, Android, and Windows for a rich user experience

enosiX provides easy access to SAP transactions and processes.

SAP Fiori provides limited backend apps for ECC that are not easily customized. enosiX provides SAP Certified object oriented Smart Business Objects that enables any process or transaction in SAP ECC to be easily accessed without limitation and humanises the process so non SAP UI developers can understand the process and data they are working with.

enosiX is SAP certified to run on any revision of ECC 6.

SAP Fiori requires ECC 6 SP14 often requiring a lengthy and costly upgrade before implementing a simple APP. enosiX requires no such upgrade and can even be used on pre ECC 6 releases.

enosiX enables agile application development

Even SAP admits Fiori is not designed for customisation. enosiX enables .Net developers to quickly access data through Smart Business Objects and quickly build Native Apps cross platform with the enosiX .Net SDK. The enosiX .Net SDK allows for the apps to be put in the hands of end users in days and developers to focus on the user experience.

enosiX accelerates Integration to other Enterprise Apps.

SAP Fiori is a HTML 5 presentation layer. enosiX is a framework: the same Object Oriented Smart Business Objects can be utilised to present SAP Transactions and Processes to any web service. Need to create sales orders from Salesforce.com or MS Dynamics? Just connect to the SBO from the standard API’s and unleash the power of SAP.

enosiX supports Native offline capabilities.

SAP Fiori is and HTML 5 online presentation requiring an Internet Connection. While SAP offers an offline client it requires customisation to try to simulate where Native platforms already excel. enosiX fully leverages Native phone functionality for a superior end user experience.

enosiX starter packs jump start the user discussion.

SAP Fiori requires Infrastructure that may take months to put in place before you can even introduce a simple approval app. The enosiX framework can be loaded in two hours in your current SAP system. Starter packs can be deployed into the hands of your end users the same days and catered to your organization in a matter of days. Zero to light speed in under a week.

Starter Apps
enosiX is quite a different strategy for integration and is an answer to the panacea that no company ever seems to achieveIT Director - Transportation

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