We build End-to-End Mobile Applications Systems

The enosiX Solution

Turn your Mobile Applications from simple templates to transactional mobility with business-critical ERP integration. Whether you want to mobilise an SAP® process to make your road warriors more efficient or merge disparate back-end systems into a unified user experience, enosiX has a solution to meet your needs.
Corner-Caption-Master-OrangeSimplified SAP® integration so you can focus on your mobile business benefits. Teaming up your strategy with our technology will deliver a massive win for your users. Our technology encapsulates the grind that eats the budget; Back-End Integration. When you deploy enosiX you are buying into the only solution that can build complex SAP® transactions into simple native applications without any need for incurring expensive SAP® and ABAP costs. You can easily save 40-50% of your integration budget as well as delivering a better user experience by investing in our well-proven solution.

  • Quickly and simply integrate with SAP® business processes using .NET
  • Build native SAP® apps for any Microsoft device using Visual Studio
  • Extend SAP® integration to iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin
  • Do it all without the need for SAP skills

The enosiX Integration Framework

Moving Beyond the MADP

The enosiX framework puts the power of developing enterprise mobile applications in your hands — on any device, anywhere — without SAP® expertise and without the learning curve often associated with traditional MADPs. Easily leverage existing SAP® business processes and security configurations to create unparalleled, native mobile SAP experiences.

Unlike MADPs, you don’t have to learn SAP nomenclature. Our Smart Business Objects translates SAP® APIs (such as RFC and BAPI) for you, providing easy-to-understand equivalents you can work with. And that means you can leverage .NET development skills and teams you already have — without adding SAP experts to your team.

How Is This Possible?

Optimised for Business

The enosiX framework simplifies integrating with mission-critical SAP® business processes.

Smart Business Objects. Integrate into specific areas in SAP, without the need to learn SAP-heavy technical methods and parameters.

Designed for Customisation. Customise existing or build new custom business objects to suit your or your customer’s needs.


Optimised for User Experience

The enosiX framework helps you deliver high performance to your customers by setting the stage for stellar user experience.

Client-specific data transfer. Easily configure quick, efficient data transfers, sending only what’s needed by the device in your users’ hands.

Platform independent. Support multiple front-end technologies, without rebuilding the entire application for each device.

Optimised for performance. Asynchronous API methods provide a highly responsive user experience.

Optimised for Developers

The enosiX framework eliminates middleware, freeing your developers to focus on creating the software that will get your data moving.

Simplified SAP® connection. No need to learn SAP skills, no requirement for ABAP or expert SAP resources.

Fully integrated with Visual Studio. Use the development tools you already own and use.

No middleware. Get up and running in hours, not days, with no additional hardware, skills, or support teams.



Optimised for Security

The enosiX framework provides a flexible security model, putting you in control of how you manage your app’s security:

Leverage existing SAP® security. Use existing SAP® security authorisations and permissions, without having to build your own.

Or build your own. Need something more robust than the standard SAP® security? The enosiX framework allows you to build a security model to suit your needs.

Case Study

Purchase Order on Mobiles


One of the leading international manufacturers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways found itself unable to move forward. Although its PO managers provide excellent worksite oversight, the company’s purchase approval system lacked…momentum.

Smart Approvals Case Study

enosiX – The Company

enosiX is a pure solutions provider

The company is committed to mobilising and simplifying the SAP® mobile applications experience.

The story is a simple one, after years of working in the ERP space, the disruptor team started wondering,

“What if…?

  • “What if we could build a framework to deliver fast, simple integration into SAP® to connect front-end usability with back-end power?”

  • “What if we could significantly reduce developers’ need for specific SAP® knowledge?”

  • “What if this resulted in SAP® enterprise mobile applications getting to market in a fraction of the time, with less stress on resources and with a vastly improved ROI?”

From this demanding set of challenges came the enosiX Framework. The enosiX Framework has already supercharged 100+ companies across several verticals in mobilising their SAP® applications. Every one of them has delivered concentrated functionality at a fraction of the time and cost of other solutions. By eliminating the need for custom integration development and providing access to any SAP® data or business process, the enosiX Framework means deploying mobile applications ahead of the competition

This unique solution includes a SDK for .NET Visual Studio, allowing developers to create native Windows8, Desktop, HTML, iOS (with Xamarin) and Android apps. SAP® to SharePoint integration is also provided to allow .NET developers to create SharePoint solutions that directly interacts with SAP®.

In the near future, the enosiX Framework will be expanded to cater to additional ERP systems including Oracle, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics and others. Additional SDK’s are being developed to expand this offering to other development platforms

Framework Summary

The enosiX Framework focusses on the tough part of developing Mobile Applications for SAP® systems. Unlike other players in the quadrant the enosiX solution is a back-end integration platform that is front-end agnostic. It leaves your UX developers free to deliver a world-class user experience whilst the enosiX Framework does all the graft in the background.

  • The enosiX Framework cuts costs and timescales. The world’s most respected analysts quotes “70% of budget is lost in integration, we cut that by 50% or more…

  • The enosiX Framework quickly and simply integrates with SAP® business processes using .NET…

  • The enosiX Framework builds native SAP® applications for any Microsoft device using visual studio…

  • The enosiX Framework extends SAP® integration to iOS and Android platforms using Xamarin and does it all without the need for SAP® skills or experience…

Over 100+ clients have already beaten their competition to field powerful mobile applications using enosiX technologies as their integration solution. Whether clients want to mobilise an SAP® process for the sales team or merge disparate back-end systems into a seamless mobile application experience, the enosiX Framework is the only strategic solution…