enosiX SAP® – Salesforce Intergration Framework

Direct Integration Framework for SAP®…

enosiX, an End-to-End business process flow solution which seamlessly and intelligently integrates Salesforce with SAP. You have never seen integration done this way!

The enosiX Enterprise Edition empowers your Salesforce users with SAP data such as customers, materials, pricing, inventory, quote/order creation (CPQ), and complete business process visibility in real-time, with no Middleware.

By enabling real-time sharing of data, insights and knowledge across sales, sales operations and services teams, your employees can capitalise on new opportunities faster and close them quickly. Achieve real-time integration, in days, not months.

See how quickly enosiX can integrate between SAP and Salesforce, in real time!

SAP Customer 360° App

Our SAP Customer 360° App on the Salesforce AppExchange offers you pre-built scenarios for a true 360° view of your customers in less than a day, with zero coding. Real-time access to SAP means increased selling time, more productive reps, better customer engagement, and increased Salesforce adoption. Sales reps have gained back as much as eight hours per week in productivity.

Vital enosiX Differentiators

No Middleware
Clicks, Not Code

We eliminate the headache of front-end coding time and deliver the backend translation in an easy, human-readable, real-time, bi-directional integration.

Data & Process

Other solutions give you access to data only. With enosiX, we give you the power to tap into the business process, authorisations and user permissions you have built in SAP over the years – now there is no need to re-create all of this on the front-end.

Lightning-Fast Integration

Up and running in days, not weeks or months. We turn IT departments into company Heroes who can deliver SAP information in real-time.


Unlike traditional solutions, the data is virtualised, so it never becomes stagnant. This provides a real-time window into SAP through native applications like Salesforce. Sales teams, customer service, clients and partners will have access to the latest, most accurate information, all without requiring dual maintenance of source information or having unneeded information stored in Salesforce.


The enosiX founders are former executives from SAP and Salesforce who were sick of doing it “the old way.” We intimately know the ins and outs of these systems and we knew there had to be a better way – so they built it!

No Middleware

The proprietary framework is the only integration technology on the market that eliminates the need for Middleware, data syncing or mapping tools.