There’s a Lot to Talk About

We help our customers to ‘capture’ their vision and transform it into a successful agile project delivered on time and on budget…

Reduced Risk of Project Failure
Ensures Commonality of Purpose
Improves Confidence Across Stakeholders.
Enables Creation of Roadmap

Capturing the Vision and Mission

Our Approach is That of Facilitation

i.e. the bringing together of individual missions under a common vision. This demands that we capture and playback information during what could be described as creative sessions where we firmly remain the facilitator. In facilitating the sessions, we bring expertise on market knowledge, sector activity, case histories, technology and approaches and specific knowledge of the customer.

The Process Ensures Stakeholder Contribution and Commitment

agreement on clarity of vision and provides a launch pad for a successful Enterprise Mobility. The ultimate outcome is really about getting everyone on the same page, with an agreed definition of the vision and mission.

Assessing Maturity

Determining the ‘As Is’ – ‘To Be’ Gap

This will involve a wider audience often outside of the line of business owner’s remit. Whilst key stakeholders will be part of this process, input may be required from advisors throughout your organisation including IT.

Maturity Level in Respect of Your Mobility Vision

By this determination we can accurately assess the gap hence effort required to meet their enterprise mobility objectives. For example, accurately assessing the impact of changes possible by mobility will provide valuable insight into the best-fit technology solution.

Mobile First Process Re-Enginnering

Mobile First Ready?

This phase is a ‘down in the weeds’ activity that is predicated on robust stakeholder relationships and an accurate ‘As Is’ – ‘To Be’ roadmap. Without these factors quality BPRE is not feasible and in fact will be a very negative experience. Commitment from users, managers and stakeholders has to be engendered at every opportunity.

 Value Stream Mapping Sessions With Relevant Users & Stakeholders

Essentially it involves mapping out existing processes and highlighting all the negative value transactions (system or human) that impact on efficiency. In short a ‘discovery’ of where and how processes can be improved by embracing Enterprise Mobility.

Drive and Develop

Providing A-Class Delivery Managers and Agile Scrum Teams

We can drive your vision through technology with our expert delivery model of onshore management supported by nearshore cost effective development.

See Your Vision Created in Weeks not Months

Best of breed people, technology and processes means pilots in the hands of your users in days not months.

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