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OneList helps managers make important business decisions faster and more confidently. This helps accelerate and control core business processes such as Capital Expenditure Requests, Purchase Order Approvals, Staff Hiring Requests, New Product Introduction and Customer Order and Contract Pricing approvals.

FAB Features

Design Fiori applications faster and without HTML experience through a simple graphical editor that includes a live preview that shows you the what your pages will look like throughout the entire development process.

Existing workflow engines can be integrated but IQX AppBuilder provides a powerful embedded workflow engine that accelerates and simplifies even the most complex of workflow scenarios.

Creating and extending the data model for your applications is simple and flexible. Fields can be added on the fly without the need to go to the backend and maintain and activate SAP structures and tables.

FAB Benefits

IQX AppBuilder not only provides a graphical development environment that drastically lowers development time, it also provides many out-of-the-box components like data staging and workflow that are critical to implementing successful business processes.

Typical Fiori development requires a new set of skills for the front end developers on top of the backend integration skills that are always required. IQX AppBuilder empowers your existing SAP resources to quickly build Fiori applications today.

The development environment provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface so your designers and business analysts can work together to design your forms in real time to eliminate confusion between all participants.

IQX OneList

IQX AppBuilder provides an immediate way to start implementing your critical business processes as Fiori apps on your existing SAP infrastructure with your existing SAP resources. Mitigate development risk while accelerating the pace at which you can deploy Fiori apps with embedded workflow as your forms replacement technology.

ONELIST Features

For adaptable presentation of organisation and scenario-specific information.

OneList has pre-built adaptors for SAP, SharePoint, K2, Nintex, OpenText and other common workflow and document management platforms for rapid deployment. A full API enables custom integration to any system.

At your desk, on the road or even on a plane, manage all your approval tasks in a consistent manner on all devices, on-line and off-line.

ONELIST Benefits

OneList eliminates approval bottlenecks by providing a real-time action list that is universally accessible, intuitive to use and provides all the necessary information for instant action.

OneList improves decisions by providing deep drill down on request details, related business data, supporting documents and the full prior approval audit trail.

OneList enables efficient task execution by providing a tailored, consistent and easy to use interface managers can use anywhere on all devices, even when offline.