Salesforce Integration With SAP

Middleware-Free Integration 

If You Could Integrate SAP® With Salesforce, Effortlessly, Seamlessly & At Low Cost
Why Wouldn’t You?

The Good News Is You Can
The EnosiX Salesforce Integration Pack Makes Life So, So Simple…

The Modern Approach  to SAP / Salesforce Integration

Install Today Pilot Tomorrow eliminates costly time consuming install.
View in Real-time all of your SAP customer and sales data.
Create in SAP Real-time Quotations and Sales Orders from Salesforce.
Enable Salesforce to Create or View any SAP transaction.
Approve Price Overrides in SAP from any mobile device.
Zero middleware, additional hardware or upgrades required.
SAP-Certified, time-tested technology with over 100 global customers.

Typical integration is just mapping data from one system to another.
When we talk about our Salesforce integration, we are talking full order processing — the order to cash process and finance
For example:

Creating a Quote

Converting a quote into an order

Approving price changes

Delivery tracking

Inventory levels

Service information

With other iPaaS solutions, there is no service or process-based integration. But, we can deliver that. This approach leads to value beyond just the typical customer service and sales rep. That data can be accessed through other license types like Communities or even some of the AppExchange licenses you might have purchased This provides three major benefits:

Improved customer engagement – the reps have the data they need when they need it to better engage the customer
Increased productivity – reduces need for double-entry; faster sales cycles and enhanced sales processes
Greater adoption – you’ve made the investment in Salesforce … now let us help you optimize it.

SFDC Pack | Salesforce Integration Processes

Runs on the EnosiX Framework:

Direct integration with SAP, no need for middleware, hardware, or SAP® upgrades.
Built for Agile Custom Development: Native, Offline, SharePoint, Salesforce, I.o.T

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Value Proposition | Salesforce Starter Kit
enosiX vs iPaaS


Install today end users begin testing tomorrow
Cater to end user preferences 10 Days
Live in under two weeks
No middleware no specialised resources to maintain


Install 10 Days 
30 Days Cater to end user
Live in 5 months
Specialised iPaaS resources to maintain

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