Statement from the Board of Directors…


This statement is made pursuant to relevant sections of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It describes the strategy that Green Lemon Company Limited has committed to in order to help end modern slavery & human trafficking by 2030.

We do not have a complex or international supply chains and our scope of services is limited to expertise and technology. However, we are conscious, that as we grow and our customer base continues to expand, we must remain vigilant and maintain robust processes to ensure we do not inadvertently condone or support such practices.


When was slavery abolished? Late 1800’s, or early 1900’s…wrong! Slavery has persisted and grown, despite herculean efforts to see it resigned to the history books. There are more slaves in our global society than ever before, in excess of 40 million of which 25% are children.

Conservative estimates, published by the International Labour Organization and Walk Free Foundation in 2016, are that 24.9 million people were being forced to work under threat or coercion as domestic workers, on construction sites, in factories, on farms and fishing boats, in other sectors, and in the sex industry. They were forced to work by private individuals and groups or by state authorities. In many cases, the products they made and the services they provided ended up in seemingly legitimate commercial channels. Forced labourers produced some of the food we eat and the clothes we wear, and they have cleaned the buildings in which we live or work.

Green Lemon Company is committed to support the UN Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – Decent Work and Economic Growth of which outcome 8.7 is to end slavery by 2030. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 underpins this goal, this statement is one small contribution of countless needed to make this happen.


We provide technology solutions for customers undergoing Digital Transformation. We specialise in the charitable sector, amongst others, and seek to participate in technology interventions aimed at solving the challenges faced by vulnerable communities.


  • We operate as an equal opportunity and diversity employer guided by strong recruitment, pay and employment policies.
  • We are diligent in ensuring our suppliers, partners and other associations comply with the tenets of SDG 8.7 and the Modern Slavery Act .
  • We encourage our people and our professional community to be vigilant and support SDG 8.7 and the Modern Slavery Act where they can.
  • We take great care to ensure that the values of our prospective customers are harmonious with our own.
  • Under section h) of our Development Manifesto we will not be involved directly or indirectly in providing services to projects we consider immoral, profiteering or that breach human rights.


The Company Directors take responsibility for implementing and maintaining this policy statement and its objectives.

This statement was approved and issued by the Board of Directors on 1st November 2017.