Professional In-Project Services (PiPS)

The right people with the right skills at the right time…sometimes in the nick of time!
We deploy project specialists for our customers…every technology project succeeds in direct proportion to the quality of its team members. Our PiPS service ensures that customer projects are supported by experienced professionals of the highest calibre.

PiPS has been developed to provide an unparalleled service to Support our valued Customers’ Project Capabilities. In-house, outsourced or collaborative development? The choice is often made against a background of internal capability rather than what’s best for the project and rightly so.

We like to provide another option when external noise distorts the options. Using PiPS our customers can build in all the flexibility they need to meet budgets and internal bench requirements. Green Lemon PiPS are extensively vetted individuals with proven track records.

PiPS are professionals that devote their energy and expertise to Outcome Based Projects. PiPS come in many different flavours from Scrum Masters to .NET Specialists under a range of commercial terms to map onto customers’ budget constraints.

We Provide a Spectrum of Capabilities

OutSystems Experts, Developers/Analysts
– Programme and Project Management (Scrum & Agile)

– Business & Systems Analysts
– Mobile Application  Developers, UX & Integration
– Development Teams, On-Shore & Near-Shore
– Infrastructure and System Architects
– Test Management and In-Flight Test Teams
– Infrastructure, Cloud and Systems Architects
– SAP/ERP Development and Test Specialists
– SAP/ERP Implementation and Optimisation Experts


Across Wide Sectors

– Financial Services
– Public Sector
– Logistics & Supply Chain
– Transportation
– Manufacturing
– Pharmaceutical
– Engineering

At the heart of every healthy lemon, its PiPS!

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