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Sometimes a product or solution comes along that is extraordinary. If there is a clear and proven advantage to our customers, we add it to our tool-kit of preferred solutions…

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OutSystems provides a low-code rapid application development and delivery platform that enables seamless integration of custom code. Combine speed with custom for the best of both worlds. Integrate with all of your existing systems and data sources and maintain order with built-in management and analytics.

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IQX business solutions for building Fiori applications (Fiori App Builder) and for approvals management (OneList) provide simple, robust solutions to common problems. OneList enables approvals from multiple systems to be managed in a single application.

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The enosiX Framework enables direct integration to SAP® without middleware or the burden of custom coding. For example, SAP® integration with SalesForce comes ‘out the box’ is fully bi-directional and ultra rapid to deploy.

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